What is MUDwatch?


Originally intended to be a sort of "miniature government" to provide water, wastewater, drainage, and trash collection services for areas that were not feasible for the city to service and to be run by residents elected by residents, Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) are being manipulated by for-profit businesses to serve their interests above that of the residents. 

MUDwatch is an organization committed to ensuring Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) operate in the best interest of the residents of the district through the following methods: 

  • Providing direction on where and how to get information regarding a MUD - Research your MUD
  • Promoting community participation in their MUD - Join the forum, keep your community informed
  • Reviews of MUDs and involved parties (cities, developers, builders, law firms, accountants, etc)

If you have any information regarding a MUD where you live or need help looking into one, please contact us

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